Jul 02 2013

Project 52: #27c


The water in this pond on NWT Highway 1 was too good to pass up taking a picture of. A perfectly still blue lake with the trees and grasses behind for a perfect reflection and a bit of grass in the foreground.

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Jul 02 2013

Project 52: #27b

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The sun was rising as I left High Level. I caught this sunrise coming over the hill to the right of the train trestle. I love the contrast between the dark on the right side and the sunlit left side.

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Jul 02 2013

Project 52: #27a

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I couldn’t narrow my Project 52 posting for the week down to one picture…in fact I couldn’t narrow it down to 2 there are three for the week.


The fog was out on the highway just outside of High Level. I came across this layered fog which I thought was pretty interesting.

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Jun 25 2013

Project 52: #26


The Super moon, early on Sunday morning, was spectacular. 1:30am was the darkest part of our night (20 hours of sunlight on this day) and the moon was bright and orange. It was one of the most colourful moons I had seen in a long time.

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Jun 18 2013

Project 52: #25


The sunset was setting behind me over Back Bay which left some interesting coloring and an almost full moon over on Yellowknife Bay. I was lucky enough to catch a boat coming home.

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Jun 11 2013

Project 52: #24


One of the first flowers to bloom in our garden this year. The beautiful pink Begonia said that summer was on its’ way to Yellowknife.

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Jun 04 2013

Project 52: #23


I was out in the yard on the weekend and there were several birds chirping away like they were giving me a rough time for being in the yard with them…almost like I was disturbing them. I caught this guy giving me the evil eye.

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May 28 2013

Project 52: #22

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One thing that has always caught me doing double takes is the color of the sunsets in the north. For some reason, there always seems to be some colors…almost like someone has used the sky as a big canvas to paint the incredible colors.

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May 21 2013

Project 52: #21

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Looking through the trees and the edge of Great Slave Lake. The water is flowing around the outside but the middle of the lake is still frozen. It takes a good while for the lake to fully thaw.

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May 14 2013

Project 52: #20

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Looking up the hill and the trees before the leave bud and bloom. It is always an interesting time of year between the snow and the greenery of summer. Once the leaves start to bud it doesn’t take them long to actually bloom and then everything is green.

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